We have pretty much seen it all when it comes to injuries some just accidents and some pretty stupid actions that could be avoided. When you are looking for insurance for your martial arts club it's vital to know you are in safe hands.

There's no doubt you need experts in martial arts, people who know what you do, someone who knows insurance who can guide you to the right product for your business and have the cheapest prices. READ TESTIMONIALS



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  • Public Liability – PL (2, 5, 10 or 20 million) – 10mil most preferred
  • Professional Indemnity – PI (2-5 million) – 5mil most preferred
  • Personal Accident / Player Accident – PA – optional and preferred by 40% of instructors
  • Income Protection – IP – optional and preferred by 40% of instructors
  • Property – building – optional and used by instructors who lease or own their own building
  • Property – contents (fire and theft) – optional to protect equipment (nominate value $10k-$100k+)
  • Business Interruption – optional and flexible based upon your operation
  • Martial Arts Australia can arrange a diverse range of packages to suit your requirements



  • What is the industry standard for martial arts insurance?
  • What sort of polices and procedure should an instructor have in place?
  • What items are covered in a martial arts sports insurance package?
  • How can you be under insured and how will this affect you?
  • How much is the excess I have to pay in the event I need to claim?
  • What qualifications do I need to make the insurance valid?
  • Do I need a waiver or risk management policy?
  • Do I need to disclose a previous claim?
  • How do I know the insurer be around if I need to claim?
  • How can I access the PL / PI cover if I have to make a claim?
  • What activities are not covered in this policy?

Martial Arts Australia with Graham Slater is uniquely positioned to help guide you to the best product with:

    * 15 years insurance experience
    * 41 years martial arts experience
    * licenced with the Insurers
    * registered with the government
    * has the largest industry group insurance scheme
    * support and guidance filling out the forms
    * most extensive range of products
    * has free risk management policies and other business tools
    * will be around in the unlikely event you need to make a claim
    * support and guidance through the claims process
    * same day cover

    Take advantage of our Business Tool Kit Free with MAA Membership. An essential package for all levels of club operations.
    Martial Arts Club Management Software, School Operations and Risk Management Manuals, Business videos on (sales, marketing, student retention++), Graphic ready flyer images, Online Lead Generating Machine.

All school owners need specialty sports insurance and it doesn't matter what style of martial arts they teach (including but not limited to Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts MMA, Kickboxing, Ju Jutsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ninjutsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Tai Chi, Silat, Judo, Aikido) as professional and responsible operators.

Before you buy martial arts insurance read this set of questions and if you answer YES to any of them you will be better served by contacting us – Phone: 03 8601 1124

  • Do you feel there are grey areas in your policy that don't clearly explain what you are really covered for?
  • Does your insurance broker hit you for extra cash when you put on an event or two through the year?
  • Would you like to include your PT / Gym / Fitness training into your policy at no extra cost?
  • Does your policy exclude the following disciplines or do they put a restriction on how much of each styles can be taught in your school? (Brazilian Jujitsu – Kickboxing – Muay Thai – Shoot Wrestling – Prankation – Boxing)
  • more… – PHONE HOTLINE: 03 8601 1124

Martial Arts Australia – Graham Slater
Australian Financial Services Authorised Representative – No: 419921
Working under licence of PSC Insurance Brokers – No: 342385


Martial Arts Insurance can protect all parties including the operator / chief instructor, other instructors, admin / sales staff and of course the students / members in the unfortunately event that an accident occurs. Getting the best insurance prices and the right policy wording can be difficult because there are a number of providers in Australia that have very similar products that all look the same on the surface – just like banks and home loans. Martial Arts Australia's pledge over the past 15 years has been to make the insurance process easy and as painless as possible on the hip pocket. We know martial arts and how clubs / associations / promoters operate so we can match you to the right policy at the right price without any grey areas. We don't want you assuming that you are covered in a certain area of your business when you are not. Ask the questions and get the facts so you have peace of mind.

So how do you find the right package for your operation at the best price? You have to do your homework.

Graham Slater has 41 years of martial arts experience and over 15 years working with insurance companies. As a licensed AFSA Graham is uniquely placed to discuss what cover is available to you, what you are actually covered for and how to get the best price. Don't risk your livelihood to a broker who doesn't know what you teach or how you run your club.

The problem instructors are often faced with is not knowing how to research insurance, or how to interpret the policy wording so they know what they are buying, this is where Martial Arts Australia comes in. We make sure the policy wording covers everything a club owner needs, no grey areas and we help you in the unlikely event you have to make a claim and that's priceless.

    The major benefit of going through Martial Arts Australia for an insurance package is they have the largest industry group scheme and have been working with the insurance companies for over 15 years. This means that they have the negotiating power to get the best prices and your best interest is their top priority. They have business documents (waivers, risk management polices, student screening forms and much more to help you protect your business for free).
    Taking care of other financial services for your club would not be complete without having the perfect partner to collect your student fees. Save Time, Money and Retain More Students with Debits Direct our preferred provider MAA Partner – check the benefits on the video below:

  • They have extensive insurance experience
  • They know martial arts and how you operate
  • They make sure the policy wording has the right clauses and inclusions to cover your operation
  • They have the most extensive and flexible cover to includes all of your operations
  • They have a wide range of insurance packages under the one roof
  • They have the best prices in the industry
  • They can assist you in the unlikely event you need to make a claim
  • They can help you with risk management strategies to minimize accidents
  • They can help you with doing the right qualifications to reduce your premium
  • They have a loyalty program that adds continuous discounts to your premium
  • They have multiple policy discounts
  • They make the process easy and painless on the hip pocket
  • They can arrange the same day cover
  • They only work with insurers they believe will be around the event you have to make a claim
  • They are contactable – Instant Quotes: 03 8601 1124 –

Martial Arts Australia Insurance Form DOC
Martial Arts Australia Insurance Form PDF
Please use this safety booklet as a template to build a more comprehensive document for your school, other business tools are available to you as a member.
Martial Arts Instructor Safety Handout Booklet

Insurance for Martial Art School Owners is available to both International Martial Arts Alliance / Martial Arts Australia members and non-members. The best price for insurance is as a member with membership giving instructors extra benefits from numerous services. As a peak industry body we are able to obtain very competitive prices for our members and we know exactly what is the best cover to operate a martial arts school.



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